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February 22, 2008


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Below is a list of CSS resources available throughout DA. This resource list is kept updated on my journal here:…

Providers of CSS tempates, Lay-Outs and Graphics
Not every single person who ever submits full journal CSS is on this list (me included). This list consists of people who consistently and regularly produce full journal CSS lay-outs.

:bulletred: mynti
:bulletred: Lilyas
:bulletred: thespook
:bulletred: DigitalPhenom
:bulletred: wordsrioting
:bulletred: Grayda
:bulletred: ipholio
:bulletred: ClaireJones
:bulletred: candysores
:bulletred: BewareGravityCSS
:bulletred: ginkgografix
:bulletred: Livana-Deathrose
:bulletred: elusive
:bulletred: janvanlysebettens
:bulletred: kuschelirmel-stock
:bulletred: Asphyziata
:bulletred: jenepooh
:bulletred: trashydragon
:bulletred: Sarnika
:bulletred: Jamaal10
:bulletred: blissart
:bulletred: lockjavv
:bulletred: sedART
:bulletred: Elandria
:bulletred: AnnaKirsten

Providers of code snippets (scrolling boxes, navigation etc.)

Grayda's 'Getting The Most Out Of Your Journals' series:
:bulletblue: Part 1: Deviations Box & Hiding Date and Time
:bulletblue: Part 2: Mood Boxes, Taglines and Dynamic Images
:bulletblue: Part 3: Custom Journal & Pasties Images
:bulletblue: Part 4: Custom Mood Images & Fixed Menus
:bulletblue: Part 5: Side Menus & Custom Bullets
:bulletblue: Part 6: Journal Stamp Boxes  CD covers on Link hover
:bulletblue: Part 7: Fav boxes, Two Column Journals and Highlighting Text
:bulletblue: Part 8: Rounded Corners and Dynamic Journals
:bulletblue: Part 9: Cursors

:bulletblue: CSS tweaks for deviantART - updt.
:bulletblue: CSS tweaks for deviantART
:bulletblue: Simple Skin
:bulletblue: CSS Buttons
:bulletblue: Image Lists
:bulletblue: Snazzy Borders
:bulletblue: Journal CSS: Hijacking the cut tag
:bulletblue: Journal CSS: Featuring thumbs -update
:bulletblue: Journal CSS: Sidebars
:bulletblue: Journal CSS: Hover menus

:bulletblue: Official dA v5 journal CSS  

:bulletblue: CSS Contest Badge Code

:bulletblue: Image Rollovers

:bulletblue: Scrollable CSS boxes in Journals
:bulletblue: Ever wanted a 2 columned journal?

:bulletblue:deviantART ShoutBox Button 0.2

:bulletblue: HTML Tabs using Lists and CSS

:bulletblue: Content Box


:bulletred: newklear - DeviantART Journals, CSS + You
:bulletred: S-Que - CSS Beginners UPDATED
:bulletred: barninga - <a…">DA journals CSS tutorial
:bulletred: DragonX141 -  Basic CSS Tutorial
:bulletred: DragonX141 - The Complete CSS Tutorial
:bulletred: DragonX141 - CSS Tutorial :: Contex Box
:bulletred: Lilyas - CSS Tutorial Part I: BASICS
:bulletred: jay88 - CSS for Dummies
:bulletred: thespook - Journal Structure: a reference
:bulletred: loki-mcdamage - Journal enhancing tutorial
:bulletred: shatterflii - CSS Tutorial
:bulletred: sedART - DevJournal Tutorial
:bulletred: NyssaB - CSS Rundown + Template
:bulletred: 33xiT - Code your own CSS
:bulletred: Krule - Advanced CSS journal tutorial
:bulletred: ginkgografix - CSS Guidelines
:bulletred: tekitsune - How To CSS Info

:bulletred: kuschelirmel-stock - Journal CSS - Part 1
:bulletred: kuschelirmel-stock - Journal CSS - Part 2
:bulletred: kuschelirmel-stock - CSS: Absolute Positioning
:bulletred: kuschelirmel-stock - Seamlessly Tiling Backgrounds
:bulletred: kuschelirmel-stock - Seamless header+footer

:bulletred: ghostlove - Basic CSS Journal Template
:bulletred: ghostlove - Not-So-Basic Journal Template

:bulletred: dot-Silver - CSS Journal Help
:bulletred: dot-Silver - Make your CSS Journal #1
:bulletred: dot-Silver - Make your CSS Journal #2
:bulletred: dot-Silver - Make Your CSS Journal #3
:bulletred: dot-Silver - Make your CSS Journal #4
:bulletred: dot-Silver - Make your CSS Journal #5
:bulletred: dot-Silver - Make your CSS Journal #6
:bulletred: dot-Silver - Make your CSS Journal #7 {Special Edition}

Gallery CSS

:bulletgreen: janvanlysebettens - GalleryCSS Reference Sheet
:bulletgreen: Pokoa - Folder Screenshot and Codes
:bulletgreen: Livana-Deathrose - Folder CSS Template
:bulletgreen: Asphyziata - Gallery V2.1 Tutorial
:bulletgreen: electricjonny - CSS Gallery Template

Useful Links

:bulletblue: Complete Journal CSS Gallery
:bulletblue: CSS Tutorials Gallery
:bulletblue: Creative Journal CSS
:bulletblue: DA Journal CSS [FORUM]:
:bulletblue: tobyf - CSS Generator
:bulletblue: W3Schools CSS Tutorial
:bulletblue: laurentroy - Usefull dA Resources
:bulletblue: CSS Zen Garden: The Beauty in CSS Design
:bulletblue: A List Apart: CSS
:bulletblue: 53 CSS Techniques you Couldn't Live Without

CSS Copyright and Credit

:bulletred:b0x0rz - Is CSS Copyrightable?
:bulletred:wordsrioting - Why give credit for CSS? Answers here!

IE versus Firefox
Despite the fact that the majority of DA members use Firefox as their primary browser, it is a sad fact that amongst Internet users at large, and especially amongst large corporations (believe me, I have done my research on this), IE remains the dominant browser, with FF as a close second. So, given that fact, it is worth remembering that as shiny and lovely as your lay-outs look in FF, many that are only coded in FF and not checked in IE, will not render very well (or even at all in some cases) in IE. Now, you may not think that this matters, but it does. Many potential employers from outside of the DA community come here to look for talent. The look and content of your journal can be as important as your art, as that is what represents you. So, when coding your new journal, remember to check it in IE as well as Firefox, and even Opera if you are prepared to be thorough.
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Talei Jun 11, 2008  Hobbyist General Artist

Fantastic as always.
I'm formerly ~Livana-Deathrose and moved account in the new year. Though my old account still has all my CSS's on and I'm still making CSS now on this account. :) Also got some tuts, one on scroll boxes and another on headers which people keep askin' me about. :giggle:
This will be very helpful for our if we can ever understand CSS...
archaii Apr 14, 2008  Student Writer
Your point about "IE versus Firefox" is very relevant. The v5 of the gallery CSS is fantastic but of course made for Firefox, and after reading this, I went to check it in IE and it still works.. sort of. The cooler features are missing and the images glitch a bit but it's still okay.
Just a little research I did.
Thanks a lot!!
Fantabulous! :thanks: This could be very helpful!
dragon-blade14 Mar 16, 2008   Traditional Artist
Godsend with organization.
33xiT Mar 11, 2008  Hobbyist Photographer
Great stuff ;)
LorrieWhittington Mar 11, 2008  Professional Traditional Artist
My pleasure :D
I tjought I would just let you know that I am rummaging around this again looking for some help on creating two column journals.
LorrieWhittington Mar 11, 2008  Professional Traditional Artist
Excellent...good to know that it's not just a hit of the moment and that people are using it as a resource. :D
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